Fabrice Martinez presents

Chut ! Photo Agnès Dherbeys

« Rebirth Reverse »

Fabrice Martinez had not yet revealed everything in « Rebirth », previous album from his quartet Chut ! released in Mai 2016 by the label ONJ Records.

The group from this flamboyant trumpet player is coming back in spring 2018 with a double vinyl record « Rebirth Reverse ». « Rebirth » and « Reverse » share the same harmonic DNA but the musical color is very different. This double album features two antagonistic versions of each track. Whereas the very electro « Rebirth », built in 2016 in the Ferber studio, got remastered to fit vinyl constraints and analogic warmth, « Reverse », the new fully acoustic opus, took advantage of live recording within the comfortable volume of a chapel. Taking advantage of the superb and natural reverb that the chapel provided, the double bass, the piano, the drums and the bugle resonate with a unique tone. Throughout this aerial narrative, the album features the unerring rythmic duo Bruno Chevillon - Éric Echampard, and the knowing piano of Fred Escoffier. As for Fabrice Martinez, the master continues to blow hot and cold through the brass - exclusively using a bugle in « Reverse » - and to impose a firmly nonstandard character.

Line-up: Fabrice Martinez (bugle), Fred Escoffier (piano), Eric Echampard (drums), Bruno Chevillon (double bass).


Photo Agnès Dherbeys
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